Top Ten: Goosebump-Inducing Scenes

Goose bumps are brought on by some kind of reaction in the sympathetic nervous system which activates the pituitary glands to trigger the fight or flight response or something, but that’s not really important. Below is list of great moments upon which I can rely for a fix of the chills.

Warning: Spoilers Ahoy!

10. Gladiator (2000)- ‘My name is Maximus Overdrive Hieronomous Lexius, and I’m a bad motherfu***r’. Russell Crowe’s bereaved General means business; he vows to kill the back stabbing, incestuous Commodus or failing that, murder his spirit in the afterlife. Annoyingly the whole crowd erupts in disbelief despite the lack of stadium screens in 180 AD. Coliseum? More like Cannaeseehim. Go with me on this.


9. Kick Ass (2010)- It was tempting to choose the jetpack mini-gun scene, but this moment really sets my hairs on end: Hit Girl takes on a warehouse full of vicious armed thugs to save Kick Ass and her father Big Daddy (Nic Cage), who is burning alive, while the whole world watches via live web feed. ‘Take cover CHIIIIIIIIILLLD!!’


8. An American Werewolf In London (1981) Having been put off by the inhospitable customers of ‘The Slaughtered Lamb’ and their racist jokes, David and Jack find themselves on the moors beneath a full moon. Inside the pub the villagers flinch as the blood curdling cries of the werewolf ring out across the night. ‘Bluee moooooooooooooon!’


7. Rope- (1948)- This scene will have you at the end of your tether…As the key players mingle and banter off screen Mrs Wilson clears up the cabinet cum dinner table with methodical calm, threatening to discover the body hidden inside. Despite the despicable nature of the protagonists/antagonists (protagonants?), Hitchcock somehow makes you hope that they don’t get caught.


6. Nacho Libre (2006)- Pinned to the ground and struggling for breath, Jack Black’s monk appears to be out wrestled. Just in the nick of time God grants Nacho with Eagle Powers and more nutrients than could be found in a bottle of Seven Seas Fish Oil tablets (the ones with added vitamin A, D and Calcium). Thus he is able to defeat the wicked Ramses to win money for the orphans, and simultaneously earn the affection of smokin’ hot Sister Encarnarcion.


5.Heavenly Creatures (1994) –  Peter Jackson’s Heavenly Creatures is an incredible film which dramatizes the real life murder of a New Zealand woman by her daughter. The pure tranquillity of the ‘ Madama Butterfly Humming Chorus’ makes the build-up to said murder unbearable.


4. Django Unchained (2013)-  In a tear jerking flashback we see Django (Jamie Foxx) and Broomhilda (Kerry Washington) risk it all to escape from the horrors of slavery and their sadistic owners. If this scene doesn’t rustle your jimmies then you are most likely a psychopath and/ or a racist.


3. Warrior (2011)- Brendan and Tommy’s fight in the final scene of Warrior is deeply moving ;the brothers let out a life time’s worth of hate and pain and confusion while the abusive father looks on with palpable remorse. As soon as the melancholic guitar of The National’s ‘About Today’ kicks in you’ll be struggling to hold back the tears. Before this no one would have believed a film about MMA could pack such emotional punch.


2.  Dr Strangelove (1964)-Kubrick’s faultless satire reaches an explosive crescendo as the  patriotic B-52 crew attempt a selfless, last ditch bomb run to the tune of ‘Johnny Comes Marching Home’. Don your cowboy hats and pop the amphetamines stored in your survival kit, because we’re about to go ‘toe to toe with the Ruskis!’


1. The Lord of The Rings: The Return Of The King (2003)- ‘My friends, you bow to no one.’ EHRRRRMAAGURRRRDDDDDHHHDHDHHSGHHDDJFDGDGDRRGGGGDDDDAAAGHHHHHGHHG *Head Explodes*



  1. I always get goosebumps at the scene in the avengers when we see all of them finally standing as a team and the camera circles around them.

  2. oh and the opening speech in the godfather

  3. Some excellent choices here.

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