Top Five: Pigs in the Pictures

Pigs make for great pets. Easy to look after (they live in mud and will basically eat anything) and hilarious to watch, when you finally get boared -teehee- of them you can just cook them! Pigs pop up in a wide array of mainstream films though famously they refuse to work with James Cameron…they thought he was inviting them to an ‘Abattoir’.


5. Boar God – Princess Mononoke (1997)-  Not satisfied with the possession of a mere human, an evil spirit goes whole hog and claims Nago the boar god. The demon soon turns this once great Pig-Lord into a rabid, writhing mass of goo.


4. Hamm – Toy Story (1995-2010)- A walking, talking piggy bank. Never put your loose change inside Hamm; he will just fritter it away on the ‘Buzz Lightyear Trading Card’ game. Apparently he is an awful cheat to boot… the swine!


3. Gamorrean Guards – Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (1983)- Gamorreans are a tough bunch, favouring a trusty axe over fancy space-guns. If you hatch a plan to break into Jabba’s Palace, these guys will prove to be a fly in the oinkment.


2. Miss Piggy- The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)- Although the glamorous Miss Piggy is herself a puppet, she can still pull Kermit’s strings.


1. Gravity Gun pig- District 9 (2009)- The best moment in gritty sci-fi District 9. Wikus has a wealth of alien weaponry at his disposal, but to mix things up decides to blast a live pig at the enemy. Not pleasant for the animal in question but way cooler than being turned into a pack of pork scratchings.


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