Top Five: Arnie Cheat Meals

Arnold Schwarzenegger was a pretty big guy in his day, and 99% of the time he was extremely conscious of all aspects of his physical health, particularly when it came to nutrition: plenty of meat and veg…and of course, he always had a Green Beret for breakfast. No matter how disciplined, how motivated, how godlike a human may be… everyone has to indulge once in a while. Now put your cookie down and enjoy this list of Arnie’s most memorable food moments.

5. Pumping Iron (1977) – Arnold’s break out role was as himself. 1977 bodybuilding documentary Pumping Iron tracked Arnold’s final bid for the Mr Olympia title. Following his victory, we see him chatting away with the other contestants, smoking illicit drugs and devouring a well-earned slice of cake.


4. Junior (1994) – Imagine the writer pitching this one to the big man: ‘So Mr Terminator, how would you like a change of pace from your action flicks? What about playing a mad doctor who impregnates himself and becomes the first human male to give birth? Danny DeVIto’s already signed up!’ Arnie’s character Dr. Alex Hesse starts getting some heavy cravings around the four month mark, and helps himself to handful upon handful of Cap’n Crunch, right out of the box, no milk or anything. He does this on a regular basis, so I guess you might say he’s something of a cereal offender…                                                                                                                 (couldn’t find the right picture) (never watch this film)

3. Raw Deal (1986) – Going undercover and adopting a secret identity in order to bring down the Chicago Mafia is hungry work, so Mark Kaminski can hardly wait to get home and go to town on the traditional Wednesday afternoon chocolate cake his wife Amy makes for him. Unfortunately, disappointment is the only thing Mark will taste this time; Amy got smashed on cheap gin, and instead of handing him the cake she splats it against the wall- Post Bake-al Depression? Who knows?

2. Commando (1985) – Commando was probably Arnie’s finest hour. A man machine that can jump out of planes with no parachute, kill hundreds of South Americans without reloading his firearm and devastate the enemy with his arsenal of puns. During the extremely creepy father/ daughter bonding montage of the intro, Arnie and his girl stop off at an ice cream parlour (Cone-an the Barbarian?). Then they try one another’s flavour –EVEN THOUGH THEY BOTH HAVE VANILLA.


1. Jingle All The Way (1996) – Howard Langston (Arnie) is not best pleased when he calls home to check in on his family only to have Ted Maltin, the prat who lives next door, answer the phone. This anger transforms into an uncontrollable rage when he discovers Maltin has been eating his baked goods, and he demands that he desist with this outrageous biscuit munching post-haste.

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