Top Five: Mid-Sentence Explosions (With Videos!)

Sometimes the only way to make actors shut up is to blow some shit up.

5. Briefcase Bomb- The Untouchables (1987) –  Billy Drago (Ivan’s assassin brother?) leaves a time bomb briefcase in a neighbourhood café, and as an act of common decency a little girl tries to return it. This moment is enhanced no end by the use of a ‘loop’ on your DVD player…’Mister, Mister!! Your forgot your bri – BOOOOOOOOOM’. You shouldn’t laugh, but you will. You will.



(apologies, couldn’t find the vid for this one)

4. Jericho Test –Iron Man (2008) ‘Hey, this ain’t a mid-sentence explosion, this is an end of sentence explosion!!’ Yeah but it’s cool, and there were undoubtedly some bickering, fanatical insurgents that got wiped out by the missile. As we all know, terrorists live exclusively in remote cave systems in Afghanistan. (Skip to 1.10)

3. Rachel’s Death- The Dark Knight (2008)-It’s alright, listen, someo-‘ BLAM! Good night! The only joke The Joker played here was in suggesting that anyone would even consider saving Maggie Gyllenhall. (Skip to 1.20)


2. Death Star vs Alderaan- Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope ( 1979)- Considering the unsuspecting planet of Alderaan gets vaporised in a split second, there must have been at least a few people mid-way through a conversation about nerf herding.


1. Django Unchained (2013)- This incredibly satisfying, explosive finale pays homage to The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, and is sure to put a grin on your face. ‘Djangooo, you uppity son of a b’-KABOOOOOOOM!!

One comment

  1. i approve of this list, i was thinking racheals death when i clicked on this. oh and the scene in skyfall when M is in the middle of a sentence and the MI6 building blows up

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