HOBBIT HYPE: There is still hope!


A while ago I wrote a piece for The Mancunion film section ‘Contrary Corner’ (which can be found online here http://mancunion.com/2013/10/14/contrary-corner-the-desolation-of-smaug-more-like-the-desolation-of-tolkien/ )  in which I discussed / vented my hatred for Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy, or more specifically the first instalment, An Unexpected Journey. The arguments presented in the article were   snipped from a 1,200 word Hobbit rant which I had composed a few nights earlier while in an extreme state of intoxication.

Here are a few choice excerpts from that document, mainly for your amusement:

‘the LOTR triology is the greatesr piece of art work of the 21st century. Howard shores soundtrack is impeccable, the myster and the magic are infallible. It is a masterpiece and tge 9 oscars (was it 9?) are fully, deserved. Evry one of the three shoudk have em. .in fact every film should have got em.’

‘He had made some good films, but the scale of lotr is beyond reckoning, forget avatar, the exploration of middle earth has been the biggest fictional endeavour embarked upon by the human race’

‘!!! Listen, the first Hobbit films.. titled ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’, is a three hour turd.’

the more i watch it (four times now) I feel even more bitter and more betrayed than the last. P.Jackson has given me verytibg,, and he has taketth away.’

Tolkeines family didn’t want this,.. they havewbnr even watched the films,, justnaswwell in caer they like em and then stumble? Decide to choos to watch thr Hobbit JESUS CHRIST He should have left fed dead bodies lie or whtever the saying is.’

So passionate was my drunken discourse that it provoked me in my later article to slam not just the first but ALL THREE of the Hobbit movies, two of which have not even been released. While I maintain that the first Hobbit film was a crock of shite and I would rather have seen Guillermo Del Toro’s twist on Tolkien’s tale, I now realise that my love for Jackson’s LotR trilogy caused me to unfairly write off what may turn out be a couple of quality films.


This turnaround is mainly due to an overwhelming desire for the upcoming Hobbit films to be the best that they can be. Despite the disappointment that was An Unexpected Journey, the sequels still have the potential for greatness and nobody wants them to succeed more than I do. In the past couple of weeks I have seen some films in 3D (namely Thor 2 and Gravity– reviews are on my blog) and while I enjoyed them, the best moment on each occasion was the trailer for The Desolation of Smaug, the upcoming Hobbit film which is released on Friday December 13th. It has a scale and a beauty that is actually breath taking.


. I am now more than a little excited for the next Hobbit, and will probably see it at least twice on the opening weekend (in both 3D High Frame Rate and ‘normal’). Smaug’s earth shaking entrance in the last shot of the trailer had me quaking in my boots and my cynicism towards Jackson’s new trilogy, rather like Frodo after a few half-pints in the Prancing Pony, has vanished.

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