TOP Five: Santas on Screen

Old Saint Nick is gearing up for another hectic Christmas Eve so now’s the perfect time to celebrate his finest movie moments. He really has great screen presents…

5. A Christmas Story (1983)- Ralphie queues up all day to tell  Santa he wants a BB gun for Christmas. The forty year old alcoholic that greets him doesn’t quite live up to the legend, and should really be given the sack.


4. The English Patient (1996)- Dressed in full Father Christmas regalia, Colin Firth runs around beneath the baking Egyptian sun coaxing children into his grotto. His wife Kristen Scott Thomas is so embarrassed she leaves him right then and there.


3. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) – Shane Black’s excellent directorial debut sees Michelle Monaghan run around LA in an impractically skimpy Mrs Claus outfit, taking out bad guys with inventive names like ‘Mr Frying Pan’ and ‘Mustard’.


2. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010)- Turns out Santa is real, and he lives in the Korvanvunturi mountains. Contrary to popular belief, he doesn’t care if you’ve been naughty or nice; he just wants to hurt you.


1. Hot Fuzz (2007)- Best Cameo Of All Time: Peter Jackson, in the guise of a homeless looking Santa Claus,  stabs Sergeant Angel through the hand and sends him packing to the ho-ho-hospital.


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