Look at Smaug. He’s on a plane.

Here it is; the world’s first proper look at Peter Jackson’s Smaug, the dragon under the mountain and bane of dwarves everywhere. Except that he isn’t under the mountain, he’s on a plane.

Apparently Air New Zealand is ‘The Airline of Middle-earth’ and thus have been exclusively selected as the promotional flag ship (or flag plane) for the winged, fire spewing antagonist of the second Hobbit movie, The Desolation of Smaug. 


Here is Smaug on a plane again, but a bit further away.

MGM are really pushing this film for all its worth and scaling (scale!?) the heights of the advertising world but this stunt seems a bit unnecessary. Banners, trailers and sponsors for the film are everywhere and expectation has pretty much peaked at this point. Furthermore, a lot of people – myself included- would prefer to have their first look at Smug in all his glory, in the cinema, during the actual film. Oh well, its out now so you might as well look at another picture.



Smaug is certainly the main draw of the second film, which on the whole looks to be a darker, more action packed and exciting affair than An Unexpected Journey. Suffice to say, with this beast on the prowl, the Misty Mountains won’t be cold very much longer. They will be hot. You know, because of the fire. From the Dragon. Here’s a clip:

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