HOBBIT HYPE: Interviews and Virals


The time is nigh…we only have four days to waste before Friday and the release of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Inevitably, there are all manner of behind the scenes videos, exclusives and interview clips abounding on the interwebs. It’s easy to access the content but hard to whittle it down to the few videos worth watching. There may also be some stuff you’re trying to avoid (specifically that of the spoiler-y variety) as you would rather see everything on the big screen, in context and not on your laptop which can’t even run 480p.

Concern yourself no longer, as I have trawled through ‘Shawshank’ levels of multifarious sh#t to compile this list of the best press interviews out there. Plus a couple of viral vids. In the build-up to Friday the promotional junket will continue to flood in like one of Arwen’s river spells but at this stage everything that can be said about the film has been.  Annyyywayy, enjoy.

First up is Martin Freeman; the poor man can be found in dozens of clips looking bored and reeling off answers to the same old questions, but this interview is well conducted and worthwhile. Freeman discusses how his role has evolved as Bilbo’s journey has progressed, and also hints that the ring has brought out a bit of gold lust in the adventurous Hobbit. Bilbo Baggins? More like Blingbo Swaggins!

After that heavy, in depth discussion, enjoy this montage in which Freeman shows off his lighter side by giving Middle-earth the Middle-finger.

Next we have Evangeline Lilly discussing her trepidation in accepting the role of Tauriel, who is Legolas’s romantic interest and who does not appear in Tolkien’s works whatsoever.

Now watch Evangeline Lilly speak friend (Mellon!) The Dwarves wouldn’t hesitate in opening their doors to Tauriel I’m sure…

On fine adjective spewing form here is Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays (or voices) both major villains. Includes an unlikely comparison between Smaug and the global economic crisis.

Most humans could listen to Ian McKellen’s magically dulcet tones all day. This is one of his very few Hobbit interviews with so you have to look past the unfathomably idiotic editing.

While watching Orlando Bloom’s interviews it’s obvious that, more than anything, he’s just happy to be there.  Legolas wasn’t in ‘The Hobbit’ so he wasn’t expecting to reprise his role and he clearly can’t believe his luck at being back in a franchise of this magnitude.

Boring, whatever. Here’s a fun one. If there’s one thing better than watching YouTube classic ‘They’re taking the Hobbits to Isengard’, it’s watching Peter Jackson holding up an ipad and making Legolas sing along to ‘They’re taking the Hobbits to Isengard’.

Stephen Fry was absolutely spot-on casting for the Master of Lake town, and he never fails to entertain in interview. Here he is looking like an eccentric rugby/bumblebee enthusiast and describing Orlando Bloom’s ‘arrow blasting’ in a rather predatory manner.

If you can forgive the French subtitles, you will enjoy this excellent Stephen Fry interview too.

Finally, here is a quite lengthy ‘Google Hangout’ video. In the clip, Evangeline Lilly (Tauriel), Richard Armitage (Thorin) and director Peter Jackson get asked some questions by some imbeciles via webcam. Jackson looks absolutely exhausted and about ready to fall off his stool – even his legendary, ever present mug of tea can’t help him now.

At 4 minutes in you can hear about the ‘behind the scenes banter’of The Hobbit – when compared to the hijincks of the lads on the LOTR trilogy (Boyd, Monaghan and Mortensen in particular) it’s a tad weak.

Later on Lilly talks elf ears, Jackson mumbles some sleep deprived jibberish and Armitage explains that Thorin Oakenshield is a selfish, arrogant despicable tool who can never match up to Aragorn – but that we should sympathise with him anyway.

So that’s it. Hopefully this post didn’t drag-on too long…

Be-orn the lookout for more HOBBIT HYPE during the week.



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