Has there ever been a film in which the protagonists found themselves floating down stream and there wasn’t a waterfall? So clichéd is that frothy precipice of doom that it’s a wonder any film character doesn’t see it coming. Here are five movie moments which managed to make a splash in spite of the predictability of the waterfall-fall.

5. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008) – A bad film which is little more than a dried in coffee stain on the legacy of Indiana Jones, but this one scene stands out. Not only do they go over a waterfall, they then proceed to over an even BIGGER waterfall! Part of the suspense is ruined by the knowledge that Indy will definitely be fine because earlier on he survived a direct nuclear explosion by hiding in a fridge. What a cool guy.


4. Deliverance (1972) – While the rapids in Deliverance may not constitute an actual waterfall, traversing the rocky river proves extremely dangerous and the cumulative height of the multiple drops is enough to put it on the list. The rapids pale in comparison with their other misadventures, as the heroes bump into some rather unsavoury characters. The inbred rapist kind.


3. Apocalypto (2006) – Ancient Aztec witch test: If you jump off the waterfall and get dashed on the rocks, you’re not a witch. If you jump off the waterfall and survive, you are a witch. Kind of counterproductive, as the only people who could then chase the witches and apprehend them would also have to be witches. Which witch is better, the witch you know or the witch you don’t? Which one is the witch you know and do you wish you knew which witch was the witch you didn’t know? Knowledge!


2. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) – Boromir is such a bad-ass that he gets a double send-off; the slo-mo arrow scene (which goes great with Guile’s theme and I shall include it below) and the solemn, overhead death-boat-off-the-waterfall-and-into- the-mist scene.


1. Predator (1987) – Arnold dives from a ridiculously high waterfall into a remarkably blue lagoon. In fact, the drop is so huge that by the time he lands it has turned from day to night. In the delirium following the fall he pretends to be a pig and rolls around in the mud. The hillbillies from Deliverance would have enjoyed that.


 Predator doesn’t want to kill Arnie for sport. He’s just offended by his ‘blacking up’. 

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