TOP FIVE: Youtube Movie Channels

Behold, Movie Quibble’s pick of the top five film-related channels on Youtube, which between them should serve all your film- loving needs. Notice also how this article is essentially taking other people’s work, saying something mildly amusing and inconsequential about it, and thus creating the illusion of creativity. Enjoy.


5. How it Should Have Ended (HISHE) Fairly straightforward, this one. They take popular movies (usually superhero/sci-fi blockbusters) and give them the cartoon treatment, adjusting the storyline and replacing the preposterous with the practical. In HISHE videos, the college girl DOESN’T go into the creepy basement, she calls the police and mourns for her recently decapitated sorority sister.

Example – How Avatar Should Have Ended

4. Kermode and Mayo – ‘The Good Doctor’ Kermode and his trusty microphone wielding steed Simon Mayo host the most popular film radio programme in the all the Kingdoms United.  Luckily for people who think that radio is only for plumbers and builders, they also film the important bits of the show and post them onto their Youtube channel. If you want consistently entertaining albeit highly opinionated film reviews, then Kermode is your man. His film knowledge runs as deep as a Sarlacc pit, and his ten minute-plus tirades are truly something to behold.

Example – Kermode reviews Transformers: Dark of the Moon

3. Peter Jackson –  Deep Hollywood man voice: From the director that brought you worldwide sensations like The Hobbit, and King Kong, comes an extraordinary series of behind the scenes videos, revealing the incredible production process of films like, um, The Hobbit, and King Kong.

Normal reading voice: Peter Jackson is a self-made man and a god among directors. In a world of Bruckheimers and Bays, it’s comforting to know that a man in such a powerful position can be so affable, passionate and, well, normal. He’s not afraid to let people see him drink endless cups of sludgy, sugary tea as he slaves away, hunched over in the editing booth.  Peter Jackson treats his crew like his family; everyone is having fun, and there just so happens to be some remarkably talented people filming it all. The Hobbit production diaries are actually better than the movies themselves, and after watching them you’d happily take a job as a tea boy just to get on the set.

Example – Hobbit Diary 9

2. Auralnauts – Specialising in snappy video editing and ludicrous impersonations, the Auaralnauts team will parody just about anything. They never discriminate, and they’re always hilarious. Targets so far have included Batman, Star Wars and M Night Shyamalan. Admittedly, that last one isn’t exactly hard to poke fun at, but they do it better than the rest.

Example – Bane Outtakes

1. Cinema Sins – This one man show has done fantastically well in the year since its inception, and has grown from a hobby into something of a full time job. At first the premise may sound a little bit ‘been there, done that’; a guy trawls through films and nitpicks them for continuity errors and fact f**k –ups. Those are but two of Cinema Sins mind bogglingly expansive criterion, and the ‘Sin Tally’ racks up for every piece of poor dialogue, wooden acting, narrative cliché’, unnecessary exposition, ‘reading bit’, etc, etc,etc. Films get rung up with more charges than a redneck on Cops, and if a scene hints at the possibility of a lap dance but fails to deliver the goods, then it’s off to the seventh circle of movie hell. No film is safe from the endless witticisms of Cinema Sins’ inhumanly prolific editor/narrator, and he now has about three or four different series on the go.

Example – Everything Wrong With X-Men: The Last Stand

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