Top Five: Hellish Hangovers

Drinking alcohol is probably the most popular past time in the entire world, and fictional characters are just as partial to a wee nip as we are. Yes, it’s true they lead better lives than us, but these larger than life heroes are equally susceptible to the uncomfortable aftermath of an evening’s insobriety. There will be vomit, there will be blood and you bet your bottom dollar there’ll be faeces.

5. Filth (2013) – Clifford Blades has a disastrous Christmas Day run-in with a bottle of single malt; ‘Only for the developed palette’, grins Bruce Robertson before force-funnelling half a litre down Bladesey’s gullet. The result? This picture says it all… s’not a pretty sight.


4. Trainspotting (1996) – Spud went out for a night on the piss but, in a cruel twist of suppository-triggered fate, all he ended up with was shite. Lots and lots of it. At least his girlfriend’s parents no longer have to wonder what kind of man he is; the writing is very much on the wall – as is a week’s worth of liquefied human waste.


3. Flight (2012) –  Denzel Washington’s disgraced pilot is a lifelong alcoholic but, as is the way in our dogmatic society, he’s not supposed to drink. Will he drink? Will he? Is he actually going to? Will he really actually imbibe fluid containing alcohol?  Oh course he’s going to drink! That’s basically the whole film. On the day of judgement, a hippie-angel materialises in the form of John Goodman – his friend Bonnie Prince Charlie is right in tow.

2. Snatch (2002) – The first rule of gypsy fight club: You ma talk abo gysa figh clob cas nayan canne cop ye fekkin saylike. (Translation: You may talk about gypsy fight club, because no one can understand what the feck you’re saying anyway). In this scene, Brad Pitt’s mum has just died so he drank lots of whisky in a barn.


1. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011) –  Guy Ritchie film again here. In this scene we find Dr John Watson the morning after his staggeringly eventful stag night; there was gambling, there was fortune telling, there was booze, there were Cossack assassins, there were two members of the Holmes household and boy oh boy was there a fight! Watson? More like What-the-bally-hell’s-going-On?

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