Top Five: Cinematic Games of Chicken


Chicken: A game designed to test the nerve of the players involved. Traditionally, chicken is played between two motorists situated on either end of a stretch of road. The combatants then drive their cars full speed towards one another and the loser is he/she that pulls away to avoid collision. It’s a dumb game, and the ‘winner’ is even dumber. Film has its fair share of chicken moments, and the best five are here on this blog post just for you, videos and all. With any cluck you’ll fryind it to be(ak) an hentertaining list and yolk-an (gu)join me in layghing at the cocky, chickchanrous buffoons under(easy)taking this eggceedingly hatzcherdous test of pluck and fear(ther)lessness. I’ll give it a roost now.


5. Insomnia (2002)

Lack of sleep can make you do some wacky things. Like picking up a teenage girl, a potential witness to your murder investigation, and careering headlong down the wrong side of the road which happens to be occupied by an eighteen wheeler. He gets what he needs though: a solid adrenaline rush to wake him up again. As an investigative technique however, it’s useless.

(Please skip ahead to 1:30 in the video below)


4. The Dark Knight (2008)

He may have forged himself a new name, but for all that joking The Joker isn’t very practical. Hit you with the full force of a high powered motorbike travelling at high speed? Assisted suicide isn’t even funny! If he really wanted Batman to hit him he should have dressed as a baseball.


3. Stand by Me (1986)

More like Sit by Me as I Almost Kill Myself and All My Passengers in a Puerile Display of Machismo. Like Al Pacino from further up on the list, only half of the participant’s in Kiefer Sutherland’s game of chicken are willing. Regardless of this, the fact remains that the dude driving the logging truck still loses in magnanimously embarrassing style, making Ace’s outrageously reckless move seem cool in the eyes of his uncool mates. He’ll always be a ‘cheap, dime store hood’ though.


2. Jabberwocky (1977)

This one has horses instead of vehicles, but same rules apply. If anything, this is the original chicken, played by real men with a lack of education that don’t just sit and hide inside a big box of metal – their clothes are actually made of it. The divine equine form makes this one of the noblest ways to go out of this world, and should you win then there’s glory and feasting aplenty for a  couple of days at least before your rib cage and pelvis get shattered in the next round of the tourney.


1. Cockfighter (1974)

A fight between actual chickens from the gritty arthouse thriller, Cockfighter.  Going literal on yo’ ass.

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