Top Five: Robin Williams Things

 Willaims Young

Robin Williams has died. Thousands upon thousands of obsequious, knee-jerk Twitter obituaries have been posted – mine included. But at the end of the damn day he was a comedian (and one of the finest at that) and in his proper state he wouldn’t have wanted anyone to be down about it. Increase your current level of jollity by reading about/watching these five amusing moments which barely convey what a joy the man was. If I had my way his tomb stone would read: Here lies a very funny man who was in The Birdcage and The Fisher King. He hated anal floss.

5. ‘Fuck it all.’

Description of the video speaks for itself: ‘This video is when Robin Williams said fuck 100 times’.

4. Jack Nicholson Anecdote (Source: Robin Williams’ Reddit AMA session)


Between week long LA parties fuelled by the ‘devils dandruff’ (that’s cocaine, for non-Williams enthusiasts) and sycophantic awards ceremonies, Jack Nicholson and Robin William had the pleasure of one another’s company on numerous occasions. On one such evening, Robin Williams was tapped on the shoulder. He spun around to be greeted with his own freakish, beaming reflection in the everlasting sunglasses of Nicholson, who leaned into his ear to whisper, ‘Even oysters have enemies.’ That is all.

3. RW on porno

A good impersonation never goes unappreciated, but an impersonation of internationally renowned one of a kind thespians (who liked lesbians – in Williams’ mind at least) Gregory Peck and James Stewart engaging in a celluloid-documented orgy? That’s worth a look surely.

2. Stallone does Hamlet

During Mr Williams’ outstanding 90 minute gig at the New York Metropolitan, the speaker system cut-out mid-way through one of his many famous rants on the horrors of addiction. In the space of ten seconds he goes from confused to amused to delivering an impeccably timed, improvised sketch of the hilarious scenario that came to his mind that momentary instant. Comic genius.

1. Jack Nicholson and Robin Williams tear the Critic’s Choice Awards a new A(list) hole.

Yes, the video below is indeed over nine minutes long, but if your multi-tab lifestyle can possibly accommodate it then please strive to watch the entire thing. Don’t you just wish you were there? Christ almighty. Robin Williams didn’t win a damn thing, but you can guarantee that every person present only remembers him from that night.  

Thanks Robin. Fuck it!


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