Total Lack of Recall – Cabin Fever (2002)


There will be no What I Watched Last Week posting this Monday (not that anyone gives a toss – even I don’t care) because I only saw two films on TV, one of which – Eli Roth’s blood-comedy Cabin Fever – I barely remember watching. The cause of this uncharacteristic memory loss was an entire hollowed-out pumpkin full of alcoholic Halloween punch. It was delicious, and it made everything very, very funny, especially director Eli Roth appearing as a pothead X-Games champion in the middle of a rabies-horror movie set in the rear-end of butt-trunk nowhere. That scene is basically my only recollection. I also tweeted Eli Roth at the time of viewing but then deleted it the next day because it was embarrassing, which means I have no proof of the event, meaning that this is the worst blog ever posted to Movie Quibble. Sorry about that. Apparently Eli Roth is set to produce a remake of his debut feature; it has recently begun filming and is using EXACT SAME script, so that should be interesting.


  1. I caught this on TV the other night, so I’m wondering… what script?!

  2. Your guess is as good as mine! Should I bother re-watching this film sober? Still have it recorded I think…

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