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Top Ten Films of 2014

Most WordPressers got their 2014 lists out of the way weeks ago. Better late than never. The year of our lord Two Thousand and Fourteen was a pretty good one for films, but there was an unmistakable atmosphere of panic, as all the little guys cleared the way before the boulder of 2015 blockbusters came […]

What I Watched Last Week – Is This the Last WIWLW? Find Out….. ok yeah it is

Cinema trips last week: Whiplash (5/5), Foxcatcher (2/5) and Birdman (4/5). Maybe I’ll review them soon. Realistically, probably not. There are these things called dissertations at university and apparently I have to write one. My home viewing has also been slacking but that’s a positive if anything because it means writing this post will be […]

Rant: Has Film Reviewing Gone Too Far?

This blog was originally written as an article for The Mancunion newspaper. Over the past few months I have come to question the relevance of film criticism in its purest form, the 500 word (or thereabouts) review. If someone is committed to watching a movie then they probably will, yet if they do place their […]

Top Ten Worst Films of 2014

Movie Quibble is in its second year! Hip hip hoorah. Here’s a round-up of the ten worst films that I paid to see in the cinema during the past twelve months. Except for RoboCop, which I got into for free thank god. If you’re at a loss over the absence of Postman Pat: The Movie […]

What I Watched Last Week – 20/01/15 – Been a While.

As I predicted before buggering off to Vietnam for three weeks, I’ve had no time to produce any form of film criticism for an entire month.  My brain didn’t turn to total mush though because I kept a travelogue during my trip to Asia. I found it very fulfilling and I’ve concluded that writing about […]