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BoJack Horseman Season 2 Review – The Quest for Species Equality

What came first, the chicken or the artificial insemination? Animals say the funniest things! Or would, if they could. Which in BoJack Horseman, they can. Raphael Bob-Waksberg’s Netflix original comedy series has garnered admiration for its unflinchingly dark – yet hilarious – twist on the opulent Hollywood lifestyle.  It’s almost as crazy as the creator’s […]

Nollywood: Nigeria’s Rainforest of Film

What’s next? The Vatican’s Holy-wood? ISIS’ BeatInfidelsToDeathWithLargePiecesOfWood? Ring announcer voice: Introducing, in the green and white trunks, the undisputed African champion of film, weighing in at between 1,000-2,400 feature length motion pictures per year, with an average budget of $9,000 per title , second only in combined sales and size to the mighty MPAA-slayer Bollywood itself, […]