Monthly Archives: September 2015

Cowspiracy – The Ill-moo-minaty is real!

Netflix have done a good thing. To make up for single handedly stealing 100% of Blockbusters’ customers. causing them instantaneous bankruptcy (they had to auction off their chairs and staplers and light fittings just to get the final paychecks to their employees), Netflix have agreed to put up a documentary about environmentalism from 2014 called […]

Scarily Specific Searches II – The Saga Continues, Unfortunately

More filler for you! That’s right, instead of writing about film as a person who writes about film should, I’ve opted for an inherently valueless cop out. Which means it’s time for part two in the ‘Scarily Specific Searches’ saga. The first was about six months ago, so perhaps this should be a bi-annual series, […]

Troll 2 – Nobody Sets Out to Make a Bad Movie… Or Do They?

You want to direct a film, something which promotes your ethical convictions while also condemning the unquestioned societal horrors  which you are forced to withstand day in, day out. But it’s 1989 and there’s not a half-way in hell that someone is going to watch your radical vegan documentary, let alone fund it. And even […]

Disgusting Voiceover in Legend (2015)

“What’s this, a drama about two larger than life alpha males (both played by Thomas Hardy, no less) which is narrated by a female character, giving her a great power to change the way in which the viewer will consider the actions of the masculine leads by providing an outsider perspective, while also shedding light […]