Cowspiracy – The Ill-moo-minaty is real!


Netflix have done a good thing. To make up for single handedly stealing 100% of Blockbusters’ customers. causing them instantaneous bankruptcy (they had to auction off their chairs and staplers and light fittings just to get the final paychecks to their employees), Netflix have agreed to put up a documentary about environmentalism from 2014 called Cowspiracy – The Sustainability Secret. Not many people outside of the animal welfare movement had heard of it until a couple of months ago, but then Leonardo DiCaprio saw it, assumed the role of executive producer, arranged for a 2015 re-cut to update some of the facts, and then screened it to Netflix CEOs to make them understand its importance. They did, and it’s available for streaming right now.

Cowspiracy is an extremely important film, bravely holding nothing back in its full on assault of the animal agriculture industry and all that it stands for, all the damages it causes, all the filthy lies it spreads. An Inconvenient Truth, in the light of facts shed by Cowspiracy, resembles a comfy bean-bag in the corner of a coffee shop which offers complimentary wi-fi and unlimited free refills. What Al Gore didn’t bring up in his movie, mainly because corporate lobbyists told him not to, is that the worldwide system of factory farming we have in place today is actually the leading cause of all our our planet’s problems. At first, it’s hard to believe. How could the breeding, feeding, transportation, and massacre of a few billion cattle possibly cause that much damage? Watch the documentary, though, and it becomes obvious.

A bar chart depicting water usage percentages in the USA.


More water wastage, deforestation, land usage, and greenhouse gas emissions are caused by the business of farming animals than just about every other activity on Earth. More nitrous-oxide (cow burps, mainly, not farts) is sent up into our atmosphere by livestock (soon-to-be-dead-stock, am I right?) than all the world’s transportation combined – plus all the human burps, too. Producing a pound of beef – or cow corpse, to be pedantic- requires around eighteen times the amount of land – and an obscenely larger amount more water – than it does to produce the caloric equivalent of pretty much any plant food source. Food: the rotting flesh taken from the body of an innocent sentient animal that was horrifically slaughtered ten to twelve years before its natural lifespan should not be considered as food.


Some nice cows, being cows. If I were to be a scumbag right now I’d throw up a bunch of animal slaughter videos/pictures, too, to demonstrate why killing cows is shitty. But you can view them on your own time.

The facts elucidated by Cowspiracy are backed by an ever-growing number of environmental studies and meta-analyses which consider the impact of animal agriculture on our planet. All of them,including a ground-breaking study by the UN, Livestock’s Long Shadow, conclude that the production of animals for food is systematically destroying our planet. Some are even so bold as to suggest our species might change its ways and eradicate this blight on our humanity, before it eradicates us. Cow flatulence will literally be the doom of us all. But is some of this just, well, bullshit? No. Here is not the place to cite every single one of these resources, nor am I the person to do it. Instead, watch Cowspiracy. Thankfully, the filmmakers and their team have already done the heavy lifting for slacktivist dullards such as myself.

Being part of a mega-multi billion industry is pretty damned sweet for those than run the meat show, though, so they do everything in their power to prevent such previously mentioned findings from reaching the public consciousness. Underhand tactics including bribery, threat, and (in South America) assassination of environmental/animal activists who seek to harm their profits are extremely common – something Cowspiracy co-directors Kip Anderson and Keegan Kuhn attest to in the film personally, after they get a little taste of farmer’s wrath for themselves. Such immoral actions are not surprising, coming from humans who have made a career out of raping cows, stealing their babies for ‘veal’ (basically a fatted calf which has its throat sliced open), and hi-jacking their steaming hot breast milks to sell to brainwashed humans. And that’s just the dairy business.


The method by which good people like you can stop the daily barbarisms of the animal agriculture business is quite straightforward: stop giving it money to do those things. Socially accepted – although carefully concealed – atrocities on this type of scale cannot be halted overnight, but every consumer that stops buying dead animals or any of the runny substances that come out of them will directly reduce their demand. The less of us eating animals, the less animals that are killed. It’s like economics, or maths or some shit! Hopefully the message begins to spread that killing animals for food we don’t need, and which has calamitous effects on our herbivorous bodies, is wrong.


Animal liberation and the saving of the planet are two pretty big deals, and they are directly related. For more information on the subject head over to The Vegan Society. If you do any one thing right now, though, I’d encourage you to just watch Cowspiracy. It’s thoroughly eye opening, entertaining, inspirational, and it could permanently improve your life – and the lives of countless animals – forever. Yeah, you read right: forever. Vegans live forever.

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  1. It’s on my list to watch! Just recovering from ‘vegucated’ first though.

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