Monthly Archives: October 2015

Ten ‘RAD’ Fallout 4 Hype Videos

Rad? Anyone? Because of the way RADS accumulate on the player character due to the hazardous hangover effect of the Great War of 2077, that effect being a large amount of nuclear radiation which, if absorbed and left untreated, results in severe skin rash, hyper nausea, and organ melting. It’s bad. Fallout 4, the most […]

Pictures and Descriptions of Human Behaviour at London Comic Con 2015

For one day only, Movie Quibble was in attendance at the second London Comic Con of 2015, which took place at the ExCel centre in the Southern marshlands area of the city accessible only by monorail or coal-powered steampunk tug boat. At Comic Con, tens of thousands of sweaty men and scantily clad women get […]

IMDb’s Most Uninteresting Trivial Facts

So, OK, right, well, alright, so, you know when you’re watching a film and maybe there are some advertisements or perhaps you get bored with a certain sideplot, or your attention span is simply shot to shit from years of reddit lurking, and then you end up browsing the internet movie database’s (IMDb) page for […]

An ‘Academic’ Reading of What We Do in the Shadows

The uproarious vampire indie-comedy What We Do in the Shadows has just been added to the Netflix roster, and so I’ve just watched it again for the third time. It put me in mind of a really odd coursework assignment I ended up slapping together for a module on the origins of the Documentary film. […]

Getting Inside the Head of Terry Gilliam and Feeling his Brain

The world ended thirteen minutes ago, if the Jesus Crewdem at eBible Fellowship are to be believed (#WhenDaSquadLookingFanatical). And it feels different. How we’re all still alive is a mystery. Thirteen – no, now fourteen – minutes have gone by since the Earth spontaneously imploded, and yet here we are. People in earlier time zones […]