Monthly Archives: December 2015

Top Ten Films of 2015

In 2014, Movie Quibble had 145 postings. In 2015, including this one, Movie Quibble had 25 posts made to it. Bar charts wise that is a significant difference right there, and while all manner of conclusions can be drawn from those figures where the author’s life circumstances and motivations are concerned, one thing is for […]

Top Ten Worst Films of 2015

Having been irreparably wounded by aggressively poor cinema (the Hobbits) on multiple occasions in the last few years, I find that I’ve developed a defence mechanism: going to less films. To be more exact, not going to any films that look bad from the trailers, sneak preview clips, or maybe just the poster – see […]

Chalk It! – Star Trek Beyond Belief

A new Movie Quibble series has begun. Another one? Another one! This one, Chalk It!, is all about rock climbing in films, because clambering on plastic walls is a new hobby of mine and it has suddenly become very amusing to see how the principles of climbing in real life are interpreted for action heroes […]

IMDb’s Most Uninteresting Trivial Facts II: Spectre Double-O-Deary-Deary-Me Edition

Following up on the stratospheric success of the debut IMDb’s MUTF (Internet Movie Database’s Most Uninteresting Trivial Facts), this post once again seeks out  the strangest and most nebulous trivia facts written about films on the internet. Trivia facts researched and penned by reclusive psychotics who would almost certainly poison me if they found out […]