Monthly Archives: February 2016

Chalk it! – Star Walls: Episode V4 – A New Rope

INTRO (Video Warning: Rest In Pieces Headphone Users)  All resemblances to intellectual property of Lucas Arts/Disney are purely coincidental/accidental, whichever of the two sounds better. Song name: Dank Wars by ‘ayyy donkey’.  Darth Sender Combines Training with Interrogating: it’s Intertrainingating.  The all powerful Darth Sender, top ranked climber in the Sendpire’s stable of athletes, doesn’t limit […]

Shanghai Noon is the ultimate movie pun

  Shanghai Noon is an action-comedy film starring Jackie Chan, Owen Wilson, Lucy Liu, and Walton Goggins, released in the year 2000. It was co-scripted by long time writing partners Miles Millar and Alfred Gough, who have worked together on twenty one film/ television projects since 1996. The film aims to pay homage to some […]

In Re-meme-brance: R.I.P. Eddy ‘Wow’ Wally

  In the winter of 2014, The Mancunion student newspaper ran a piece – written by me- about the YouTube craze of montage parodies, or ‘MLGs’, as less informed scrubs referred to them. The feature outlined the ins and outs of the MP movement – its origins, its exponential growth, and some edgy projections for […]

And all of the Oscars go to… Nicolas Cage

  Nicolas Kim Coppola Cage has starred in seventy two feature length films made for widespread cinematic release, and two made-for-television movies. Actor, director, writer, producer, musician, philanthropist, archaeologist, lover, father, comic book collector, vampire, friend to the stars, and god among men, Cage has solidified his reputation as the greatest living performer of our […]