Monthly Archives: January 2017

Movie Quibble’s Ten Best Films of 2016

A totally subjective set of films that I found to be enjoyable in 2016. Although I did not watch EVERY film of 2016, I did watch every film trailer, so that has to count for something… right?

Rejected Movie Pitches #2 – Man On a Higher Ledge

An (ab)Original Movie Quibble film script celebrating Australia Day 2017.

Book as House, Word as Brick: First – and Lasting – Impressions Upon Reading M.Z. Danielewski’s House of Leaves

Movie Quibble’s Tom Bruce deconstructs the book that made Infinite Jest look like the Metro cartoon column. Then reconstructs it, without referring to the original blueprints.A grave mistake. And in next week’s essay (sneak preview only £4.99) discover the intricacies of Kevin Smith’s groundbreaking House of Leaves adaptation starring Jay Baruchel. They said ‘It couldn’t be filmed’. It was filmed.