Nicolas Cage To Host 2018 A-Cage-demy Awards


Nicolas Cage being very cool by not looking at a very big explosion.

One time Academy Award winner and three hundred time A-cage-demy Award winner Nicolas Cage has announced that he will be reprising his role as host for the 2018 A-cage-demy Awards.

Cage, who pretends to be other people for a living, has organised and hosted the film awards ceremony dedicated to himself since 1996. He has only not hosted the event once, when he bestowed the honour upon his clone Nicolas Cage2.0, who was created to play his twin in Adaptation (2002).

Regarded as the greatest actor of his generation by people such as Nicolas Cage, Nicolas Cage looks forward to accepting A-cage-demy Awards in every category this year, from Best Hair and Make Up to Original Soundtrack and, of course, Best Actor.


Nicolas Cage in a typical award-winning performance.

Nicolas Cage has made no less than six major motion pictures in the past year, each one raising and re-raising the bar of what it means to be an actor. With each perfectly studied and nuanced performance Cage lays down a mantle for himself. “Can he top this?”, we all cry. “Surely not!”, we say. But then he does.

Southern Fury, Vengeance: A Love Story, Inconceivable, Mum and Dad, The Humanity Bureau, and Mandy are all nominated for Best Picture this year and they’ll probably all win it, too. Steven Spielberg’s The Post is also nominated for Best Catering due to Nicolas Cage’s supporting role as head chef during the film’s production.

This year the ceremony’s red carpet will be set ablaze in honour of Ghost Rider and Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance. Here’s hoping for number three!


Nic Cage recovering from gunshot wounds at a typical awards afterparty.

For more A-cage-demy Awards coverage, follow this link to Movie Quibble’s official write up of the 2016/17 ceremony.

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