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SPF-18 Review: Is this The Room of the Z Generation?

SPF-18 could be the so-bad-it’s-good film to define a whole generation. This is superficiality, defined.

Local Paedophile Doesn’t Get Everyone’s Problem with Woody Allen

Rolf Saviloy, an unconvicted paedophile residing in Milton Keynes, is ‘utterly baffled’ by public denouncements of the prolific director.

Nicolas Cage To Host 2018 A-Cage-demy Awards

Bookmakers predict Nicolas Cage will once again sweep up the film awards ceremony dedicated to himself.

Peter Jackson Still Directing The Hobbit

His career in ruins, Peter Jackson sees no reason why he shouldn’t just plough through and ruin Tolkien’s legacy permanently.

Rejected Halloween Movie Pitches – Plus the Re-Return of Limb Cutter!

This Halloween, Limb Cutter & Friends return, via a series of unsolicited spec scripts, to spook the heck out of confused film executives who keep receiving them in the post from Movie Quibble’s agent/manager.

Cara Delevigne Confirms Valerian Co-Star Dane DeHaan Was “Lit As F***” For This Promotional Still

Cara Delevgine, best known for her work in appearing in photos, reveals Hollywood hottie Dane DeHaan to be a freebasing, drunken, whoring lowlife.

Rejected Movie Pitches #5 – The Veganarchist

Animal rights activist and pro-equality campaigner Gary Yourofsky pulls off a protest stunt in a roadside Chinese buffet restaurant which is loosely themed around the film Enter the Dragon, starring Bruce Lee.

Limb Cutter franchise green-lit by Universal Studios, Eli Roth Set to Direct

MQ’s multi-film (or should that be multi-limbed?) Limb Cutter project finally gets off the ground. Stay tuned for exclusive screenplay excerpts and set design art work.

Actors Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks set to Merge Themselves Into The Same Body

The Two Toms, Hanks and Cruise, have just taken method acting to the next level. A dangerous, experimental, surgical level.

Netflix Announces Bold New ‘Commission’ Feature – Viewers Can Now Create the Content They Want to See

As of next month Netflix users can custom order new TV shows tailored to their exact preferences.

“Either you create content or you consume content or you can get out!” – Netflix CEO, 2017