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Chalk it! – Star Walls: Episode V4 – A New Rope

INTRO (Video Warning: Rest In Pieces Headphone Users)  All resemblances to intellectual property of Lucas Arts/Disney are purely coincidental/accidental, whichever of the two sounds better. Song name: Dank Wars by ‘ayyy donkey’.  Darth Sender Combines Training with Interrogating: it’s Intertrainingating.  The all powerful Darth Sender, top ranked climber in the Sendpire’s stable of athletes, doesn’t limit […]

Chalk It! – The Lord of the Rocks

  In the Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy – which, from now on, will be the only Middle-Earth movie saga officially recognised by Movie Quibble – the characters carry out many acts of heroic sacrifice and bravery. Battles are fought, brethren are lost, and pipe weed is smoked in the most copious […]

Chalk It! – Star Trek Beyond Belief

A new Movie Quibble series has begun. Another one? Another one! This one, Chalk It!, is all about rock climbing in films, because clambering on plastic walls is a new hobby of mine and it has suddenly become very amusing to see how the principles of climbing in real life are interpreted for action heroes […]