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SPF-18 Review: Is this The Room of the Z Generation?

SPF-18 could be the so-bad-it’s-good film to define a whole generation. This is superficiality, defined.

Rejected Halloween Movie Pitches – Plus the Re-Return of Limb Cutter!

This Halloween, Limb Cutter & Friends return, via a series of unsolicited spec scripts, to spook the heck out of confused film executives who keep receiving them in the post from Movie Quibble’s agent/manager.

Rejected Movie Pitches #5 – The Veganarchist

Animal rights activist and pro-equality campaigner Gary Yourofsky pulls off a protest stunt in a roadside Chinese buffet restaurant which is loosely themed around the film Enter the Dragon, starring Bruce Lee.

Rejected Movie Pitches #4 Vertical Limit 2: Horizontal Limit – Side by Side

A scintillating sequel to 2000’s Vertical Limit, pushing new horizon(tal)s in disaster movie filmmaking. Set between a rock and a rock place and starring The Rock from 127 Hours.

Rejected Movie Pitches #3 – China Girls

I’m a mess without
My China Girl
Wake up mornings, there’s
No China Girl
I’d hear hearts beating
Loud as thunder
I’d see stars crashing down

Rejected Movie Pitches #2 – Man On a Higher Ledge

An (ab)Original Movie Quibble film script celebrating Australia Day 2017.

Rejected Movie Pitches #1 – The Limb Cutter Series

Every great film has humble beginnings. Pirates of the Caribbean was nought but a corny Disneyland ride until Jerry Bruckheimer decided to do a film out of it. Transformers was merely a globally best-selling line of morphing action figurines and a hugely successful long-running animated television series before Michael Bay thought it might be amusing to […]

‘Some Animals Were Harmed in the Making of this Film’ – The Revenant

Staying to the end of The Revenant’s credits you might notice, if you’re looking for it, a suspicious lack of the usual ‘No Animals Were Harmed in the Making of this Motion Picture’ message, accompanied by the American Humane Association’s iconic multispecies stamp. This is troubling, because it means there may have been insufficient levels […]

Product Pictures and Big Movie Business

Did you see Star Wars: The Force Awakens in IMAX and break out into excitable spasms over your false childhood memories of watching A New Hope in the cinema for the very first time when you were negative 18 years old? False nostalgia is an odd mental state, one that the general geekdom has fallen […]

IMDb’s Most Uninteresting Trivial Facts II: Spectre Double-O-Deary-Deary-Me Edition

Following up on the stratospheric success of the debut IMDb’s MUTF (Internet Movie Database’s Most Uninteresting Trivial Facts), this post once again seeks out  the strangest and most nebulous trivia facts written about films on the internet. Trivia facts researched and penned by reclusive psychotics who would almost certainly poison me if they found out […]