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Top Five: Robin Williams Things

  Robin Williams has died. Thousands upon thousands of obsequious, knee-jerk Twitter obituaries have been posted – mine included. But at the end of the damn day he was a comedian (and one of the finest at that) and in his proper state he wouldn’t have wanted anyone to be down about it. Increase your […]

Top Five: Bad Fathers in Films

Atticus in To Kill A Mockingbird. Transformers Dad in Transformers. Bryan Cranston in Malcolm in the Middle. (But not so much in his other show). James Stewart in It’s a Wonderful Life. Fiction has plenty of good fathers to pick from, and what better day to celebrate them than on Father’s Day, which this year […]

Top Five: Football Films to Watch in Between Word Cup Matches

What about that opening ceremony! Who wants a golden boot when you have massive flipping robot legs instead? It’s the Brazilian World Cup 2014, so football is now happening. Lots of it. There’s about three or four games scheduled per day which, including analysis and rubbish BBC mini-docs and goal montages to the tune of […]

Top Five: Cinematic Games of Chicken

Chicken: A game designed to test the nerve of the players involved. Traditionally, chicken is played between two motorists situated on either end of a stretch of road. The combatants then drive their cars full speed towards one another and the loser is he/she that pulls away to avoid collision. It’s a dumb game, and […]

Top Five: Popes That Should Have a Film

In the golden age of filmmaking, ginormous productions of The Ten Commandments and Ben Hur ilk were all the rage, but the 2014 double-whammy of Noah and Exodus (that’s the Moses one) have made for an astonishing resurrection of the ‘staff and sandals epic’. Hollywood is going crazy for scripture these days, so how long […]

Top Five: Fisticuffs at Funerals (and other similarly sombre occasions)

Who wants to put the ‘fun’ in funeral when you can can start a punch up instead? The rotten characters in the list below are the sorts of people that attend a wake and skip the seven pints of Guinness, preferring instead to get down to brass (a)tacks from the off. Don’t expect any eulogising […]

Top Five: Alcohol Endorsements in Films

As those familiar with Movie Quibble should already know, this blog holds films and alcohol in high esteem, and a combination thereof is simply unbeatable. Putting alcohol INTO films is a tricky one though, because it’s hard to drop a product placement without destroying immersion and investment in the character. This post is a list […]

Top Five: Prison Break-Ins

Everybody cries the first time they go to prison, right? Wrong! Some people actually want to go there, if only for a short time. In the world of films at least, there remains that brave few prepared to risk life, limb and rear end maidenhood to save those that they love from the dreaded ‘grey […]

Top Five: St Patrick’s Day Snake-Killing Special

So it’s St Patrick’s Day, and you’re gearing up for a night of Jameson swilling and jello-shot slamming. Unless of course you’re not, in which case you must be positively GREEN with envy… get (cl)over it, mate. St Patrick didn’t actually exist is believed to have killed or at least chased off every serpent in the […]

Top Five: Atrocious Accents

It’s difficult to assassinate the acting ability of a public figure without resorting to libel, so for the sake of goodwill, let’s pretend that the shockers below were caused by a wide range of extraneous variables. Awful weather, poor sound recording equipment, too many Christopher Walken movie-nights on set; these are all definitely more plausible […]