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Top Five: Storms on Screen

*The Mancunion specifically asked me to write this, so I did, but then they decided it was in poor taste because some people died and scrapped it. So now it’s here.* Our good nation weathered quite a storm a last month, but it’s not over yet. Get ready to batten down the proverbial hatches once […]

Top Five: Hellish Hangovers

Drinking alcohol is probably the most popular past time in the entire world, and fictional characters are just as partial to a wee nip as we are. Yes, it’s true they lead better lives than us, but these larger than life heroes are equally susceptible to the uncomfortable aftermath of an evening’s insobriety. There will […]

Top Five: Cliff Hangings

You’re probably very familiar with the concept of the cliff-hanger, but to clarify, this top five post is concerned with cliff HANGINGS. The word cliff does not preclude non-mountainous surroundings – it could be window ledge or a railing, for example. To qualify as a cliff hanging, the movie character basically just has to be […]

TOP FIVE: Drunken Punch-Ups

There’s something to be said for watching your favourite film stars stociously punching one another in the face without consequence. Film violence is the best violence, and when the perps are heavily inebriated then it’s even better. Here are Movie Quibble’s top five drunken brawls. 5. The Hurt Locker (2008) – The sniper scene from […]

Top Five: Room Wreckings

There’s an hour long documentary on YouTube called ‘Hellraisers’ which recounts the revelries of various ne’er-do-well celebrity figures, including the likes of Peter O’ Toole (RIP), Oliver Reed and Richard Harris. Truth be told, the doc is a fairly one-dimensional take on the hellraising lifestyle, with the bitter lows pushed to the back in favour […]

TOP FIVE: Worst trailers for 2014

If asked, anyone in the movie business will tell you that no one ever sets out to make a bad film. This is not true. Some films are spawned out of hate. They don’t want to tell a story, they don’t even care about the money, they just want to watch the world burn. Watch […]

TOP FIVE: Arm Wrestles

Arm wrestling – the only way to unequivocally prove your physical and intellectual superiority over your fellow (wo)man. Below are five of the finest hand-to-hand conflicts in the known film universe.   5. Over The Top (1987) – Lincoln Hawk (Sly Stallone) has a forearm the size of a beer keg, but can the long […]


They say that you know you love someone when the thought of their beheading upsets you. Who exactly says that? No idea, but nevertheless it’s an insightful – if slightly morbid- quote, and you should keep it in mind as you try not to lose your head at the puns that await you. All together […]

TOP FIVE: Parodies of Famous Scenes

Movie scene parodies, if done correctly (i.e NOT like Epic Movie), can be the perfect way to get a rise out of an audience. Not only do they get a laugh, but they can give the viewer a sense of pride over their own cinematic knowledge – like Captain America from Avengers Assemble,  they just […]

TOP FIVE: Movie Drinking Games

Whether you’re going out and want to add a bit of cinematic spice to your pre-drinks, or if you just feel like passing out on the couch and having fun while doing so, then this is the list for you. Don’t forget to stock up in advance, and under no circumstances use Jack Daniels’ ‘Winter […]