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Movie Quibble’s Ten Best Films of 2016

A totally subjective set of films that I found to be enjoyable in 2016. Although I did not watch EVERY film of 2016, I did watch every film trailer, so that has to count for something… right?

Movie Quibble’s Ten Worst Films of 2016

As one year of listening to middle-aged leave-voting cinema goers say “They gave the whole bloody film away in the trailer!” loud enough for the whole room to hear comes to an end, another one lies just around the corner. Isn’t life grand? Could you lend me a grand, actually? I might start a Patreon […]

Top Ten Films of 2015

In 2014, Movie Quibble had 145 postings. In 2015, including this one, Movie Quibble had 25 posts made to it. Bar charts wise that is a significant difference right there, and while all manner of conclusions can be drawn from those figures where the author’s life circumstances and motivations are concerned, one thing is for […]

Top Ten Worst Films of 2015

Having been irreparably wounded by aggressively poor cinema (the Hobbits) on multiple occasions in the last few years, I find that I’ve developed a defence mechanism: going to less films. To be more exact, not going to any films that look bad from the trailers, sneak preview clips, or maybe just the poster – see […]

Ten ‘RAD’ Fallout 4 Hype Videos

Rad? Anyone? Because of the way RADS accumulate on the player character due to the hazardous hangover effect of the Great War of 2077, that effect being a large amount of nuclear radiation which, if absorbed and left untreated, results in severe skin rash, hyper nausea, and organ melting. It’s bad. Fallout 4, the most […]

Top Ten Films of 2014

Most WordPressers got their 2014 lists out of the way weeks ago. Better late than never. The year of our lord Two Thousand and Fourteen was a pretty good one for films, but there was an unmistakable atmosphere of panic, as all the little guys cleared the way before the boulder of 2015 blockbusters came […]

Top Ten Worst Films of 2014

Movie Quibble is in its second year! Hip hip hoorah. Here’s a round-up of the ten worst films that I paid to see in the cinema during the past twelve months. Except for RoboCop, which I got into for free thank god. If you’re at a loss over the absence of Postman Pat: The Movie […]

Halloween Top Ten – Spooky Skelintins

Ever wonder why witches, Frankensteins, plague sufferers and Jeeper Creepers must be burnt to a crisp so as to finally die? Yes, besides crisps being absolutely delicious, it’s because you have to irrevocably destroy the bone structure that lurks within. That’s probably why the skeleton is the scariest monster on screen, the scariest monster of […]

Top Ten: Original Soundtracks

As evidenced by Clint Eastwood’s soon to be released Jersey Boys (trailer just dropped), the right music can really make a good film great. That was a weak example, for this post is about the OST (aka Original Soundtrack). Choosing a composer is as important as casting, if not more so. The person responsible for […]

Top Ten: Film References in Fallout New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas has such a nauseating number of things to see, do, collect and – most enjoyably of all– murder with a piston-powered gauntlet. Though at first the maddening (MADDENING!) sense of ‘missing out’ on alternative and potentially more pleasurable paths every time you make a decision cripples the fun, frustration sooner or later […]