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Total Lack of Recall – Cabin Fever (2002)

There will be no What I Watched Last Week posting this Monday (not that anyone gives a toss – even I don’t care) because I only saw two films on TV, one of which – Eli Roth’s blood-comedy Cabin Fever – I barely remember watching. The cause of this uncharacteristic memory loss was an entire […]

Total Lack Of Recall: Blade (1998)

Upon returning home from a night of drinking, I decided to watch and review the Wesley Snipes vampire flick Blade.  In my state of advanced inebriation I scribbled just three words, but in this case they seem far more suitable than a lengthy analysis. Though it may be short, the review below will tell you […]

Total Lack of Recall: The Withnail and I Drinking Game

Film Outline: Withnail and I (1987) is the heartbreakingly comic tale of two failing actors and their ever spiralling descent into vagrancy and alcohol dependency. Richard E. Grant plays would-be-Hamlet Withnail with wide eyed tenacity, while Paul McGann observes and narrates as his slightly more ‘together’ flat mate and friend. Drinks Required:  Red wine, ale […]