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What I Watched Last Week – Is This the Last WIWLW? Find Out….. ok yeah it is

Cinema trips last week: Whiplash (5/5), Foxcatcher (2/5) and Birdman (4/5). Maybe I’ll review them soon. Realistically, probably not. There are these things called dissertations at university and apparently I have to write one. My home viewing has also been slacking but that’s a positive if anything because it means writing this post will be […]

What I Watched Last Week – 20/01/15 – Been a While.

As I predicted before buggering off to Vietnam for three weeks, I’ve had no time to produce any form of film criticism for an entire month.  My brain didn’t turn to total mush though because I kept a travelogue during my trip to Asia. I found it very fulfilling and I’ve concluded that writing about […]

What I Watched (the) Last (two) Week(s): Ten Word Review ‘Challenge’ aka Got No Time

Movie Quibble’s been a tad inactive lately, and over the Christmas period it will probably be as supine as a comatose elderly relative who’s had one porcine-cylinder and a vicodin too many. I’m off to Vietnam so the only writing I’ll be doing will be the blood-painting-on-the-mirror-in-a-drunken-shellshocked-stupor-inside-a-sweaty-$3-per-night-Saigon-motel-room kind. I’m so lazy that I’m even including […]

What I Watched Last Week – 17/11/14 – Some humans landed a ship on a comet. I saw a film about sexy Japanese hotels.

Hey hey, droogies. Why not check out my positively sickening write up on the methodology of the Montage Parody, linked at the end of this post. It is attracting all kinds of alarming commentary on reddit, and in one night received more attention than this here blog has or ever will garner. Not sure how […]

What I Watched Last Week – 10/11/14 – Today is my blog’s first anniversary. Let’s celibate!

My sincere thanks to me for writing this crap for an entire year. Interstellar went into orbit on Friday; I wasn’t much impressed (review probably up tomorrow, bit late but puck it). At least now we all know who was behind the faked Mars landings. Those directors, eh? Crafty buggers. Sex, Lies and Videotape (1989) […]

What I Watched Last Week – 03/11/14 – Zane Lowe’s Radio 1 mates re-score Drive. B-b-b-but why?

Halloween was fun, eh? What did you ‘go’ as? To keep things firmly film, I ‘went’ as Dr Gonzo from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, aka Hunter S Thompson, the author of aforementioned book – plus a dozen others – and champion consumer of alcohol, grass and psychoactive drugs. Reactions to this outfit (which […]

What I Watched Last Week: 20/10/14 – Who’d win in a fight, Alfred Hitchcock or Ebola?

Are you concerned about Ebola? It’s a serious issue right now, and one that deserves our undivided attention. Problem is, just in the same way that contemplating our cosmic insignificance or stewing over that disgustingly botched handshake is unhealthy and unproductive, dwelling on the problem by reading up on its symptoms isn’t a sustainable way […]

What I Watched Last Week – 13/10/14 – Documentaries for everyone! One is about the #ill00minutey

If you read these often you’ll notice that the past week has been quite non-fiction centric, as I continue to explore the diverse world of the ‘actuality’ film for my Mockumentary module. Starting with a conspiracy movie, then a double-bill of vegetarian/vegan awareness documentaries. Not that I’m trying to plant any ideas in your head. […]

What I Watched Last Week – 06/10/14 – Including Zombeavers. Zombie. Freakin. Beavers.

As always there are some awful things happening in the world around us, but since I can’t/won’t do anything about it I just watched some films, one of which was Gone Girl starring Ben Batman and Rosamund Pike, which is all about violence and sex and people disappearing, so please read my review (‘If you […]

What I Watched Last Week – 22.09.14 – Ecstasy takes some Bill Murray. World Explodes.

Scotland stayed. I discovered rekt videos. There was the first week of university and lots of shouting, Here are the three films I managed to watch in between. Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy (2011) – 1/5 Director: Rob Heydon Cast: Adam Sinclair, Billy Boyd, Kristen Kreuk, Carlo Rota First up some topical analysis of Scottish moral fibre, […]