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What I Watched Last Week – 15/09/14 – Orson Welles + 12am Cowboys + Jude Law Has No Liver

What I Watched Last Week is a weekly blog space which I use to type down my often libellous opinions on films which I have just seen for the first time and have no right to critique since I have never and could never actually make a film. Has anyone seen them newly uncovered fossils […]

What I Watched Last Week – 08/09/14 – Harold and Maude is brilliant; Jason Had-a-little-lamb.

These are films I watched in the last week. Shout out to The Deer Hunter, which was absolutely magnificent on the big screen – I won’t review it below as I’ve seen it too many times, but I must mention Meryl Streep’s angelic grace, which never fails to amaze me. Also, after experiencing it with […]

What I Watched Last Week – 01/08/14 – Neeson’s on a plane. Neeson. Is.On. A. Plane.

Awwwwwww shiet, bloggity bloggin. I’d like to take a moment to say goodbye and good luck to Bryce Dion after his unfortunate death at the hands of a trigger-happy policeman as he was filming an episode of Cops (the only true reality programme in the world) this week. Cops is the best show. RIP. Now […]

What I Watched Last Week – 25/08/14 – Sharknado 2, plus four actual films.

Some words have been written about some films that were watched. I hope that you read it and are inspired to seek out – or indeed avoid – some of them. The Emmy awards were last night, Breaking Bad won a bunch of stuff but True Detective got only one. Only ONE? Oh well, we […]

What I Watched Last Week – 18.08.14 – Robin Williams Marries a Drag Queen; Shakespeare was a Phony.

Here is where I always write about the films I saw in the past seven days that were first time viewings and weren’t at the cinema. First of all, Robin Williams needs another mention. RIP. Here’s the tribute blog I made to honour his work. In other news I went to see The Expendables 3 at […]

What I Watched Last Week -11/08/14 – Nazis From Space, Terrence Malick and a Racist Dog

I highly recommend that you check out Joe, starring Nicolas Cage (my review here), or Guardians of the Galaxy (my review here), both of which are well worth seeing while they still remain in cinemas. Elsewhere, the Expendables 3 is about to transplant some of Terry Crews’ pectoral sweat glands onto where your tear ducts […]

What I Watched Last Week: 04/08/14 – Only two films wut!

Only watched two films at home this week because I got a bike and it’s fast. Here are the verdicts.   Stand Up Guys (2012) – 2/5 Director: Fisher Stevens Cast: Al Pacino, Christopher Walken, Alan Arkin, Lucy Punch ‘Woahh! Wowhh! You’re kiddingh meh? Me and Pacinoh; in a filmmm; togetha? Woww! With gunnns? Alright, […]

What I Watched Last Week: 21/07/14 – Six films. And Sharknado.

What have I done since the last WIWLW post? Apart from watching films and reading the books A Scanner Darkly by Philip K. Dick and Cash: The Autobiography of Johnny Cash by Johnny Cash, not much. Check these film analyses.   Jeff, Who Lives at Home (2011) – 2/5 Directors: Jay Duplass and Mark Duplass […]

What I Watched Last Week: 14/07/14 – Four Films in One!

Films, films, films. I completely forgot to do this weekly blog twice in a row. Not that it matters. The FIFA 2014 World Cup is over, the national camps and tourist resorts are rapidly emptying and all that’s left behind is crippling debt for Brazilian public sectors that could have done with the supposed $13bn […]

What I Watched Last Week: 16/06/14 – Thirteen reviews in one!

The World Cup 2014 is finally up and running, making Brazil the world’s number one attraction. As the Greatest Show on Earth marches on, cinema releases are really being stripped back to a bare minimum of period dramas and delicate foreign connoisseur pieces that only the most ardent anti-football fan would consider paying to see […]