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Top Five: St Patrick’s Day Snake-Killing Special

So it’s St Patrick’s Day, and you’re gearing up for a night of Jameson swilling and jello-shot slamming. Unless of course you’re not, in which case you must be positively GREEN with envy… get (cl)over it, mate. St Patrick didn’t actually exist is believed to have killed or at least chased off every serpent in the […]

News: The Academy Awards 2014

What you’re about to read is an unedited report on yesterdays Oscars, which did not finish until 5.20am UK time. Movie Quibble was far too tired/unwilling/drunk to actually post it at such an ungodly hour, but it’s here now. So, the Oscars are over and done with at last. At the risk of sounding like […]

Total Lack Of Recall: Blade (1998)

Upon returning home from a night of drinking, I decided to watch and review the Wesley Snipes vampire flick Blade.  In my state of advanced inebriation I scribbled just three words, but in this case they seem far more suitable than a lengthy analysis. Though it may be short, the review below will tell you […]

Total Lack of Recall: The Withnail and I Drinking Game

Film Outline: Withnail and I (1987) is the heartbreakingly comic tale of two failing actors and their ever spiralling descent into vagrancy and alcohol dependency. Richard E. Grant plays would-be-Hamlet Withnail with wide eyed tenacity, while Paul McGann observes and narrates as his slightly more ‘together’ flat mate and friend. Drinks Required:  Red wine, ale […]

TOP FIVE: Movie Drinking Games

Whether you’re going out and want to add a bit of cinematic spice to your pre-drinks, or if you just feel like passing out on the couch and having fun while doing so, then this is the list for you. Don’t forget to stock up in advance, and under no circumstances use Jack Daniels’ ‘Winter […]

Review: Dom Hemingway – 2/5

(This review was written like two weeks ago but I forgot about it. Not much use any more, but thought I might as well post it.) Director:  Richard Shepard Certificate:  15 Cast:  Jude Law, Richard E. Grant, Emilia Clarke, Demian Bichir, Running Time:  93 Min   Plot: Hard living safe cracker Dom Hemingway (Law) is […]