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Top Ten: Film References in Fallout New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas has such a nauseating number of things to see, do, collect and – most enjoyably of all– murder with a piston-powered gauntlet. Though at first the maddening (MADDENING!) sense of ‘missing out’ on alternative and potentially more pleasurable paths every time you make a decision cripples the fun, frustration sooner or later […]

Rant: Video Game Voice Acting Through the Ages

*** This article was written for The Mancunion Student Newspaper Games section. Link to the website is at the bottom. *** Whether you’re into Strategy, FPS or RPG, voice acting is an essential element of the gaming experience. In 1980, Bezerk’s cyborg narrator blew the world away with its barely decipherable arcade chatter (‘DE-STROI. IT’), […]