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Rejected Movie Pitches #1 – The Limb Cutter Series

Every great film has humble beginnings. Pirates of the Caribbean was nought but a corny Disneyland ride until Jerry Bruckheimer decided to do a film out of it. Transformers was merely a globally best-selling line of morphing action figurines and a hugely successful long-running animated television series before Michael Bay thought it might be amusing to […]

Nollywood: Nigeria’s Rainforest of Film

What’s next? The Vatican’s Holy-wood? ISIS’ BeatInfidelsToDeathWithLargePiecesOfWood? Ring announcer voice: Introducing, in the green and white trunks, the undisputed African champion of film, weighing in at between 1,000-2,400 feature length motion pictures per year, with an average budget of $9,000 per title , second only in combined sales and size to the mighty MPAA-slayer Bollywood itself, […]

News: The Academy Awards 2014

What you’re about to read is an unedited report on yesterdays Oscars, which did not finish until 5.20am UK time. Movie Quibble was far too tired/unwilling/drunk to actually post it at such an ungodly hour, but it’s here now. So, the Oscars are over and done with at last. At the risk of sounding like […]

RANT: Actual Genius Shia LaBeouf

‘His worst shit is better than my best dreams of my best shit’  -Shia LaBeouf, 24.01.2014 Shia LaBeouf. Child actor turned Hollywood superstar. Tooth puller. Beard grower. Bag wearer. Artist. Plagiarist. Cannibal.  Ok, so perhaps allegations of LaBeouf’s carnivorous activities are the fictitious invention of an extremely catchy YouTube song called ‘Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf’, […]

What i Watched Last Night: Double Indemnity (1944)

Director: Billy Wilder Cast: Barbara Stanwyck, Fred MacMurray, Edward G. Robinson  Despite being only the third out of Billy Wilder’s twenty six features, Double Indemnity  is perhaps his most highly regarded work, even beating out future mainstream hits like Sunset Boulevard  and Some Like it Hot (it came out six years prior to the former, […]

What I Watched Last Night: Sunset Boulevard (1950)

Director: Billy Wilder Cast: William Holden, Gloria Swanson, Nancy Olson, Eric Von Stronheim Sunset Boulevard is a classic noir thriller from old school master Billy Wilder, who also directed Double Indemnity and Some Like It Hot. Struggling writer Joe Gillis (William Holden) teeters on the edge of bankruptcy as he attempts to get his movie […]