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Chalk It! – The Lord of the Rocks

  In the Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy – which, from now on, will be the only Middle-Earth movie saga officially recognised by Movie Quibble – the characters carry out many acts of heroic sacrifice and bravery. Battles are fought, brethren are lost, and pipe weed is smoked in the most copious […]

Top Ten: Entrances

Everyone deserves their moment in the sun, but it just so happens that fictional characters get more than their fair share. Presented here for your amusement is a list of the ten most brazenly memorable film entrances that Movie Quibble can think of, right now. Don’t worry, there’s no Darth Vader from A New Hope […]

Top Five: Cliff Hangings

You’re probably very familiar with the concept of the cliff-hanger, but to clarify, this top five post is concerned with cliff HANGINGS. The word cliff does not preclude non-mountainous surroundings – it could be window ledge or a railing, for example. To qualify as a cliff hanging, the movie character basically just has to be […]


They say that you know you love someone when the thought of their beheading upsets you. Who exactly says that? No idea, but nevertheless it’s an insightful – if slightly morbid- quote, and you should keep it in mind as you try not to lose your head at the puns that await you. All together […]

HOBBIT HYPE: World Premiere

The world premier for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug took place last night in Los Angeles, and Warner Bros broadcast it over the interwebs with a live stream. In case you missed it, the full 1 hour 18 minute long video is on YouTube and be found with this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPvu9RaGRTo While it wasn’t a hugely […]

HOBBIT HYPE: Tolkien Biopic

To quote Tolkien-hater Hugo Dyson…’Oh no! Not another fuc***g’ biopic! Clearly cashing in on the current popularity of the Hobbit trilogy, Fox Searchlight have decided to make a feature length film celebrating the life and times of John Ronald Ruel Tolkien. Apparently the focus will be on his early life, especially the traumatic World War […]

HOBBIT HYPE: There is still hope!

A while ago I wrote a piece for The Mancunion film section ‘Contrary Corner’ (which can be found online here http://mancunion.com/2013/10/14/contrary-corner-the-desolation-of-smaug-more-like-the-desolation-of-tolkien/ )  in which I discussed / vented my hatred for Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy, or more specifically the first instalment, An Unexpected Journey. The arguments presented in the article were   snipped from a 1,200 word Hobbit […]