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TOP FIVE: Youtube Movie Channels

Behold, Movie Quibble’s pick of the top five film-related channels on Youtube, which between them should serve all your film- loving needs. Notice also how this article is essentially taking other people’s work, saying something mildly amusing and inconsequential about it, and thus creating the illusion of creativity. Enjoy.   5. How it Should Have […]

RANT: Holiday Film Spree

Over the Christmas period I went away to America (it was great, thanks!), hence the comparative lack of blog posts lately. I did at least manage to watch a bunch of films on my travels and thought it would be an idea to write about them, in chronological viewing order. Some were repeat viewings and […]


Having recently written an article praising the top ten (IMO) contributions to cinema this past year, what could be more refreshing than taking ten bad films and slagging them off? Well, maybe there are a few better things, like fun times with family and friends, or drugs…but if one did what one wanted all the […]

Top Five: Celluloid Cereal

Cereal is one of the most nutritionally complete food groups out there, second only to beer. Movie characters can often be seen munching on this most varied and delicious of breakfast options- let this lot below show you how to kick start your day. 5. Monsters Inc. (2001) – Too much cereal may result in […]