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Chalk it! – Star Walls: Episode V4 – A New Rope

INTRO (Video Warning: Rest In Pieces Headphone Users)  All resemblances to intellectual property of Lucas Arts/Disney are purely coincidental/accidental, whichever of the two sounds better. Song name: Dank Wars by ‘ayyy donkey’.  Darth Sender Combines Training with Interrogating: it’s Intertrainingating.  The all powerful Darth Sender, top ranked climber in the Sendpire’s stable of athletes, doesn’t limit […]

Product Pictures and Big Movie Business

Did you see Star Wars: The Force Awakens in IMAX and break out into excitable spasms over your false childhood memories of watching A New Hope in the cinema for the very first time when you were negative 18 years old? False nostalgia is an odd mental state, one that the general geekdom has fallen […]

Top Five: Cliff Hangings

You’re probably very familiar with the concept of the cliff-hanger, but to clarify, this top five post is concerned with cliff HANGINGS. The word cliff does not preclude non-mountainous surroundings – it could be window ledge or a railing, for example. To qualify as a cliff hanging, the movie character basically just has to be […]

Top Five: Mid-Sentence Explosions (With Videos!)

Sometimes the only way to make actors shut up is to blow some shit up. 5. Briefcase Bomb- The Untouchables (1987) –  Billy Drago (Ivan’s assassin brother?) leaves a time bomb briefcase in a neighbourhood café, and as an act of common decency a little girl tries to return it. This moment is enhanced no […]

Top Five: Pigs in the Pictures

Pigs make for great pets. Easy to look after (they live in mud and will basically eat anything) and hilarious to watch, when you finally get boared -teehee- of them you can just cook them! Pigs pop up in a wide array of mainstream films though famously they refuse to work with James Cameron…they thought […]