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Actors Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks set to Merge Themselves Into The Same Body

The Two Toms, Hanks and Cruise, have just taken method acting to the next level. A dangerous, experimental, surgical level.

Movie Quibble’s Early Oscar Predictions 2017/2018

Nic Cage wins big. Roman Polanski gets his just(ice) desserts. Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway pull off one last job. Meryl Steep is there.

“I’ve got the Oscars fever. Hope you’ve got it too. Pour me some bubbly now. It’s all you gotta do!”

The Plagiarism Of ‘The Dark Knight’ Trilogy

Like most people, I adore The Dark Knight trilogy. No one can argue that Nolan’s films represent the most impressive big screen adaptation of Batman to date, and since their release The World’s Greatest Detective has enjoyed a glorious resurgence. Imagine my shock then, when I sat down to watch a brainless 1990’s Stallone film […]