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Review: The Zero Theorem – 2/5

Director: Terry Gilliam Certificate: 15 Cast: Christophe Waltz, David Thewlis, Matt Damon, Mélanie Thierry, Tilda Swinton Running Time: 107 min Plot: Introverted bi-personality Qohen (Christophe Waltz) is selected by Management (Matt Damon) as head number-cruncher for the unprovable Zero Theorem. Impossible turns out to be a lot harder than it sounds… ‘Zero must equal one […]

TOP TEN: Films of 2013

Hundreds of films come out each year. Most of them are rubbish. Below is a list of ten 2013 cinema releases that this film goer thought were worth watching. A couple have already been labelled landmarks in movie making history, while others will no doubt soon disappear into the obscurity of the IMDb catalogue. Only […]

TOP TEN: Christmas Films

There are too many films about Christmas. Moreover, the majority are so overstuffed with happy time notions about human decency and spiritual enlightenment that they make you want to pour whiskey all over a pile of mince pies, pigs in blankets and quality street toffee pennies before shovelling it down and slipping into a coma. […]

TOP Five: Santas on Screen

Old Saint Nick is gearing up for another hectic Christmas Eve so now’s the perfect time to celebrate his finest movie moments. He really has great screen presents… 5. A Christmas Story (1983)- Ralphie queues up all day to tell  Santa he wants a BB gun for Christmas. The forty year old alcoholic that greets […]