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Top Five: Cliff Hangings

You’re probably very familiar with the concept of the cliff-hanger, but to clarify, this top five post is concerned with cliff HANGINGS. The word cliff does not preclude non-mountainous surroundings – it could be window ledge or a railing, for example. To qualify as a cliff hanging, the movie character basically just has to be […]

TOP FIVE: Phone Hang Ups

It takes a very talented performer to hang up on a mobile handset and make it seem dramatic. Watching someone scream and swear before tapping the red ‘End Call’ button is anti-climatic at best, infantile at worst. Aforementioned actor can’t simply dial it up a notch by throwing it on the floor either, because mobiles […]


Has there ever been a film in which the protagonists found themselves floating down stream and there wasn’t a waterfall? So clichéd is that frothy precipice of doom that it’s a wonder any film character doesn’t see it coming. Here are five movie moments which managed to make a splash in spite of the predictability […]

TOP FIVE: Usurpers

For certain people/animals, more is never enough. Listed below are five of the most heinous, power hungry fiends to ever (dis)grace the silver screen. 5. Scar – The Lion King (1994) – Scrambling and clawing for survival, Mufasa cries out to his brother Scar for aid. Instead of help, he gets a vicious mauling and […]

TOP Five: Santas on Screen

Old Saint Nick is gearing up for another hectic Christmas Eve so now’s the perfect time to celebrate his finest movie moments. He really has great screen presents… 5. A Christmas Story (1983)- Ralphie queues up all day to tell  Santa he wants a BB gun for Christmas. The forty year old alcoholic that greets […]

Top Five: Mid-Sentence Explosions (With Videos!)

Sometimes the only way to make actors shut up is to blow some shit up. 5. Briefcase Bomb- The Untouchables (1987) –  Billy Drago (Ivan’s assassin brother?) leaves a time bomb briefcase in a neighbourhood café, and as an act of common decency a little girl tries to return it. This moment is enhanced no […]